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We've gathered together some of the best links (in our opinion) for information on deafness, sign language and all the other bits that are tied into that. Look around, but be prepared to spend a few hours. . .there is so much information out there.

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Web Pages
SoundBytes a new company offering a catalog full of products for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Karen's Deaf Resource Library is my personal favorite. It is full of a wide variety of information and is very easy to navigate. She also has included quite a bit of information on the Deaf in Japan and Japanese Sign Language.

Downloadable ASL fonts can be found on the Yamada Language Center. There are Ameslan and Gallaudet fonts for PC and Mac, but beware that one of the fonts claiming to be ASL is not.

The Interpreter Directory has information on carpal tunnel syndrome and other stress related injuries. There is also an impressive list of interpreters, including certification.

The Sign-It Board Game is a new and extremely innovative way to practice (and learn) some sign language. You gotta see it to believe it! :-)

DeafWorldWeb has to be the most popular web page related to deafness. Jolanta has created a great page in looks and information. Be prepared to hang around awhile, there are so many links, articles and lists that it would literally take days to see everything. Grab a java and relax there.

Gallaudet University Home Page is another place to really dig into. On the surface it doesn't seem that interesting, but look around in the publications and research and you may find some really worthwhile stuff. It is especially good for people who may be considering attending Gallaudet.

Model Secondary School for the Deaf is on the same campus as Gallaudet University, but their page has more info of interest to teenagers. The student's home pages are well-done and make for an interesting read.

Omer Zak's Page is another web site full of information. It is great starting point for beginning ASL students or for the newly deaf. There is a lot of basic information, plus FAQs on just about everything.

Sign Language WorldWide has an impressive lists of sign languages throughout the world. There is only a brief explanation of each, so don't go there expecting to learn German Sign Language. It is fun to look through, though.

Closed Captioning FAQ is a good place if you are interested in finding out about the workings, laws, and more about closed captioning.

The Community Ear newspaper is another Portland-produced paper. Check out their page to keep up to date on the news and happenings within the Deaf community.

For even more web links, check this out!

Mailing Lists
Beyond-Hearing is a list that consists of mostly hard-of-hearing and late-deafened adults. To subscribe send email with the subject line BLANK and the body saying "subscribe beyond-hearing" to

Deaf-L is a great list, though I must say that is a lot easier to keep up with by using the newsgroup at bit.listserv.deaf-l. If you want to subscribe (and expect A LOT of mail) send mail to with the subject line BLANK and the body reading "subscribe deaf-l firstname lastname".

EduDeaf focuses most of its bandwidth on deaf education issues. A great place for students who are studying to become teachers for the deaf. Send email to with the subject BLANK and the body reading "subscribe EduDeaf firstname lastname".

SLLING-L is devoted to Sign Language Linguistics and the continuing research within that field. To subscribe send email to with the subject line blank and the body reading "subscribe slling-l firstname lastname".

Terps-L is for sign language interpreters. It is a closed list; meaning that you will get a response from the list owner asking why you want to subscribe, then he decides whether or not you are deserving. :-) If you would like to subscribe send email to with the subject line blank and the body reading "subscribe terps-l firstname lastname".

And if that just isn't enough to satisfy you, why not search Yahoo! Just use the nifty little button and it will find you a ton of sites that you can visit. Have fun!

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